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How Will It Work ?

With the new season beginning 05th August 2024, this gives players 4 League fixtures in which to record their results in The Rankings before the first "Premier League" fixture is drawn from the Top 12.

The Rankings, as most of you know, works with your League + Cup results.

The Rankings Table will be updated on the Sunday before the draw date at midnight. Any results sent in after 10pm on the Sunday will NOT be accepted. Late results will still be updated to the Rankings Table after the draw is complete.

With The Rankings Table changing every other day, we could very well see a different Top 12 on every draw date. The more fixtures you can qualify for, the better chance you have of winning The Premier League.

Players will not be permitted to play "future" fixtures to gain an advantage. Only League + Cup fixtures played on their proper play-by dates will be updated to The Rankings. These results will be added to The Rankings Table when the date becomes valid.

The Premier League will have 11 League fixtures that the top 12 can qualify for.

Prizes will be for the Top 4 when completed.

Players lucky enough to qualify, will have 21 days to complete their fixture. This consists of 4 frames, 01 pt. per frame win.

Getting into the Top 12 of the Rankings is a challenge in itself so this extra League competition is a sort of reward for getting there.

By putting commitment into your League + Cup fixtures, this new competition will see the best of the best (or luckiest) from both League's 1 + 2 compete over 4 frames.

Fixtures are already published as Ranking Place Numbers.

The Top 12 will change throughout the season meaning the Premier Table could have 20 - 25 players names on it.

Each of the 11 Premier League draws will see the Top 12 (on the draw date) qualify for the next Premier fixture.

Because fixtures are based on Ranking Place Numbers, you may play a player more than once.

Players current DSL handicaps when the draw is completed will be used.

To keep qualification fair, players are asked to keep their DSL postponed fixtures down to a minimum.

Players who qualify for a Premier League fixture will be asked to pay £4.00 per fixture. This will be deducted from your DSL Match Fee Balance.

By Postponing a Premier League Fixture, you would only give your opponent the 4-0 win.

Unplayed fixtures will be VOID after the play-by date. No points will be awarded and the match fee will be charged.

Complications may occur if players are all tied on Ranking Points/Played Frames etc. In these circumstances an extra Premier Fixture may be added with 7 fixtures instead of 6. This would then involve places 13th and 14th on The Rankings Table. This would be repeated if further complications arose.

Players who are unable to take part in a Premier League fixture would then be passed over to the next available player (below your Ranking Position).

Players who for whatever reason, cannot play in a Published Premier fixture, should get in touch ASAP so another player can be involved.

Thanks for your participation in DSL. Please PM me on WhatsApp if you have more questions.