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Pandemic Situation.

As this Covid Pandemic continues to Lockdown Sport, we have no option but to wait on The Tivoli getting the go ahead to re-open before we start to plan our new season. We will contact all players with a start date as soon as we know ourselves.

When we do get the go ahead, we will be resuming The "Bob Inglis" Memorial Cup.

When we have a confirmed date and contacted players who have entered the 2021 season, because of the time delay to the season starting, we will need players to confirm that their still available to complete the new season.

Our Entry Form will still be available to interested players. Entries will be used for when any players are not available to continue the new season.

Chairman : T. McAteer
07932 825171
Treasurer : J. Colligan Jr
07522 661989
Handicap Rep : K. Inglis
07786 256507
Organiser : J. Colligan Sr
07913 410724


This is a non-profit league.