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Criteria for entry:

Entering players must be part of a League that has entered the Scottish County Team Championships. They must have played a minimum of 10 League or Cup matches through competitions attached to their league from the 23/24 season. Only 1 match per week counts towards the 10 matches.

Qualifying Criteria and Group Format:

This will be scratch competition.

There is no miss rule.

Each league involved with the counties can hold a qualifying round as long as the minimum number of * players is met.

(Where minimum entries are not met, players may be offered to join with next closest qualifying league to allow them to still participate)

Each league will require a representative to look after their qualifying, taking in entry fees, sending in results/40+ breaks and being a liaison between competition organiser Kier Forteath.

Qualifying stage will begin with a group stage. Group sizes will be confirmed after the entry closing date. Group matches will consist of 4 frames, 3pts a win 1pt for a draw. Match is over at 3-0.

If players finish the group stage level on points, qualifying positions will then be decided on the following count back criteria:
1)     Matches won
2)     Frame difference
3)     Head-to-head
4)     Blue Baw Shootout (this will consist of 5 alternating attempts each at potting the blue off the spot from the white anywhere within the D, you require to nominate a pocket and a fluke shot does not count, if tied after 5 attempts the shootout moves into sudden death)

Group stages will be given an end date. Fixtures unplayed by this date will be voided with both players scoring 0pts.

Qualifying Play Off's/ Knockouts:

Where a league has more groups than number of qualifying spots available to that league, then play offs or a mini knockout stage will be required after the group stage, to determine qualifying players.

Play Off/knockout matches will be best of 3 frames.

No. of Qualifiers per League:

Each league will have a minimum of 1 qualifying spot, as long as they meet the minimum number of 5 player entries.

The remaining qualifying spots will be divided between the entering leagues based on the percentage of entrants each league has.

Scottish Counties Singles Championship Finals:

There will be 32 players in total who qualify to go through to finals day.

Qualifiers will be entered into a random knockout draw to be played on Friday 27th September 2024.

Knockout matches will be best of 3 frames.

The 16 losers in the last 32 will be entered into a plate competition.

Knockouts will be played down to semi finals on the Friday night with the 2 finalists coming back Sunday 29th September 2024 to compete the final after the conclusion of the Scottish County Team Championships.

Entry fee TBC
Prize money TBC

There will be a separate High Break Prize for during the qualifiers and then again for the Finals.