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Section 1: General Rules.

Entry Fee is £15.00 which is non-refundable.

Players are required to share the table hire cost with their opponent.

Group Stage fixtures have a Play-by date which is enforced. Fixtures remaining after the Play-By date expires, will incur a -01 point penalty to both players.

Group Stage fixtures can be played in any order. Players should arrange a fixture day/time with their opponent.

In the Knockout Stage, fixtures CANNOT be Postponed. These fixtures would be "VOID" giving your potential opponent a bye.

Once a Match has finished and the result sent in, this fixture is complete and can't be replayed for any reason.

There will be a complete set of Group Stage fixtures displayed on the website to help you plan ahead.

Group Stage fixtures will consist of 3-frames. 1-point per frame won.

There is no miss rule in this league.

Section 2: Player Penalties.

Any player failing to attend their match by the time arranged by "Both" players will forfeit a frame every 15 minutes up to the maximum 3 frames. Waiting players must remain in the club until the maximum 3 frames time has lapsed to receive the league points. A Player "No-Show" will also incur a -01 point league penalty. A "No-Show" meaning that no attempt has been made by the opponent to appear at the club.

The maximum start any player can give or receive is 70.

Any query regarding points scored during a frame or points added to wrong score will be a void frame. This frame should be re-racked.

During your match, please respect the other players playing their matches around you by keeping the noise level down to a minimum.

Snooker can be a very frustrating game as we all know but shouting out aloud is not acceptable. When you have completed your fixture, leave the snooker room quietly.

If you have holidays planned during this Championship League, it is advised to play these fixtures BEFORE you travel. Failure to do so may render your fixture "VOID" if the Play-By date expires.


There are Five Committee Members who volunteer their time to this League. The Committee has the right to remove/revoke entry to any player deemed to be arrogant, aggressive or has too many "No Shows" from the League. This includes any offence reported during "League Match Play". This is "Ungentlemanly Conduct". This also includes any offence on our "WhatsApp" forum's. Players would be given a time/day to explain their behaviour to the Committee when requested to do so. No refund would be given to players removed from DSL.

Players are responsible for knowing and playing off their correct handicap. Playing off an incorrect handicap will "invalidate" the match and it will need to be replayed.

The Handicap given to you at the start of each Championship Season is your handicap for the complete competition and will not move.

Handicaps are given to players in good faith and in the spirit that they will be used by a player to mark improvements in their own game and allow them to compete on an equal basis with better competitors – not to gain an unfair advantage.

Final Note:

If you are not playing a match then you should not be in the snooker room. Please don't disturb players while the match is in progress. If asked to leave the snooker room by any player, please do so quietly. If you have permission to watch a match in progress, do not disturb the players.

Players who have completed their fixture and are standing at the bar area should also keep the noise level down to a minimum. This noise carries down to the snooker room causing annoyance to players currently playing their fixture.

1. Code Of Conduct.

This Code Of Conduct is a set of rules, which govern the expected behaviour of all players who have entered Dundee Snooker League. By agreeing to play in the league, you also agree to abide by the rules as set out in this Code Of Conduct and agree to the disciplinary measures that go with it.

The League Organiser will update the website daily after 10.00pm. If you intend on having your result updated on the night of playing your fixture, it is advised to send in the your result before this time.

2. Booking Matches.

Any player having difficulty fulfilling their Group Stage fixtures before the Play-By date expiry must contact your Players Rep to discuss your problem which could avoid any penalty.

It is recommended players book their matches as early as possible to avoid any fixture congestion.

Players who have arranged a time with their opponent to play out the fixture will have 15 minutes either side of the arranged time to be in the club. Players can start to claim a frame every 15 minutes (up until the maximum time has lapsed for 3 frames) if their opponent fails to show up on time.

3. Playing Matches.

Players should arrive for their match in sufficient time and be ready to play by the time agreed by you and your opponent. If a player is running late, they must contact their opponent to inform them. If the player does not arrive at the agreed time, then they will lose a frame and further frames after every 15 minutes until the time allowed for 3 frames expires.

Players must take care of the equipment provided by The Tivoli Snooker Club. Players must conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner at all times and be fair, considerate and honest with all dealings within Dundee Snooker League. Players will not use language that may be deemed as offensive, such as excessive swearing, racist, homophobic or personally directed comments. In short, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it. Players should refrain from shouting during matches. Talking while a players is taking a shot is not acceptable.

When your opponent is at the table, you are the referee and your decision is final. This starts as soon as you have completed your visit to the table so you must call out and determine any touching ball or free ball scenarios which you have left. In order to avoid confusion and to assist with scoring, break progress must be called out clearly as the points are actually scored. The scoreboard should only be updated on completion of the break. It is the responsibility of both players to ensure the scoreboard is accurate. If a mistake is made in scoring it can only be rectified at the time of the mistake and before the next shot has taken place unless with the agreement of both players.

Once a frame is underway, the very best of order must be observed throughout. Opinions regarding handicaps, the run of play, shot selection or any other aspect of the frame must not be vocalized.

A player should not distract their opponent whilst they are playing or leave the table during play without permission or agreement from your opponent. No player should stand in the direct line of sight of the player taking their shot and must move on reasonable request from the player taking their shot. Equally, wherever possible, players should not stand directly behind players when they are in position to play their shot.

Players should not concede a frame unless snookers are required. Players should immediately vacate the table after a missed shot.

A 5-Minute break between frames is permitted.

4. Mobile Phones.

Mobile phones should be set to silent mode. Use of mobile phones during play is not acceptable.

Whilst there is no specific rules on the following, players are asked in good faith to play in a manner which is gentlemanly, in keeping with the spirit of the game and to refrain from :

1. Throwing Snooker Balls across the table, banging the cue on or off the table, slapping or thumping the table.

2. Behaving in an abusive, threatening or intimidating manner at any time but especially while the opposing player is at the table.

3. Vocalizing opinions at a level that is deemed excessive and the intention of putting the opposing player(s) off.

4. Making or sharing in comments about their opponent.

5. Refusal to shake hands with your opponent, either at the start or at the end of a match.

5. Appealing Point Deductions.

Points will be deducted from players for:

1. Not playing matches within the specific time period.

2. Failing to Show for your arranged fixture time.

3. Any other disciplinary matter which may be deemed necessary.

These point deductions will be automatic and players will be notified upon deduction. Should any player have circumstances which caused them to be deducted points through no fault of their own, they should appeal the decision. Players can contact their Players Rep to discuss the matter and maybe have the deduction overturned. The League Organiser see's point deductions as a last resort and will look favourably on any appeals.

7. Making a Complaint.

Players that have a valid complaint about any aspect of their match, opponent or Dundee Snooker League should contact their Players Rep where a report on the matter will be filed. You may be called to a meeting with some or all of the Committee personnel to rectify your complaint. This will be confidential.

Committee and Contact Details.

Tony McAteer (Chairman). 07932825171

Jamie Anderson (Players Rep). 07753288820

Joe McGrath (Handicap Rep). 07544219811

Kris Inglis (Handicap Rep). 07786256507

Jamie Colligan (Handicap Rep). 07522661989