Section 1: General Rules.

The League shall be known as "Dundee Snooker League".
Professional players are NOT allowed to play in the League or Cup Competitions.

Entry fee is £20.00 per player per season. This fee is non-refundable. All players must be in the club by 8.00pm to play their fixture. Players may have to wait for a table to become available as table hire is on a first come basis.

Players will play a home and away fixture. Players with the home fixture have the choice of table. This is non-negotiable. There will be two promotion/relegation places in the leagues.

Matches will consist of 3-frames. 1-point per frame won. All players are required to pay £3.00 per league match + share the table hire cost with your opponent. (25% discount will be deducted from your table hire cost. This is only available from The Tivoli.) This discount is for Monday evenings only. Practice tables can be hired for 3 hours at £13.00 any day of the week. Please ask for this deal before hiring a table.

If players finish the season level on points, wins + loses then positions will be decided on head-to-head results from games previously played during the season. Albeit a play-off with the best of 3 frames will decide the outcome.

All league matches will commence on or before 8.00pm every Monday evening unless otherwise agreed by players prior to the match. All practice games must be completed before 8.00pm. Any back-games must be played after your current fixture. Under no circumstances should you play a back-game before your current fixture unless you are absolutely sure it can be completed before 8.00pm.

Section 2: Player Penalties.

All cancelled matches have a 28 day play-by date. Going over this date will result in a 3-0 loss as well as a -03 points league penalty. League fees would still apply.

Any player failing to cancel their match before 4.30pm on match days will forfeit the match. League fee's are still payable. This will also incur a -03 points league penalty. Your opponent has no say on this rule as its compulsory. Text or phone your cancellation to 07913 410724. You can also email your cancellations to: marking it “cancellation”.

Any player failing to attend their match by 8.00pm will forfeit a frame every 15 minutes up to the maximum 3 frames.  A -03 points league penalty would apply for non attendance. League fee's would still apply to non played fixtures. The -03 points league penalty would only apply if the player has not attended by the end of the time allocated for the 3 frames. Players must remain in the club until the maximum frame time has lapsed.

Players failing to play their fixture by giving the points away to their opponent will also receive a -3 point penalty.

The maximum amount of back-games any player can be responsible for at any one time is limited to 2 matches. This is for league games only. Players going over this will lose their first back-game 3-0 plus receive a -03 points league penalty. The weekly fee would still apply.

New players joining league 2 should have been in the club for at least 2 weeks prior to the league season starting so as to obtain a handicap suited to the player. Players joining without being assessed will start at SCR or whatever the league organizer deems sufficient. New players handicaps will be adjusted accordingly for the first 8 matches.

The maximum start any player can give or receive is 60.

Any query regarding points scored during a frame or points added to wrong score will be a void frame. This frame should be re-racked.

During your match, please respect the other players playing their matches around you by keeping the noise level down to a minimum. Excessive noise will incur a warning to guilty players with 3 warnings = removal from the league. The League Organizer will turn the table light off on players who are making the excessive noise and they will have to play their fixture when all other fixtures have been completed. Snooker can be a very frustrating game as we all know but shouting out aloud is not acceptable. When you have completed your fixture, leave the other players to finish theirs.

Any player who has an opponent that is too intoxicated may refuse to play the fixture. This match would be given the 28 day play by rule with the offending player being made responsible for rearranging the fixture and receiving a warning about their condition. A player will be given a maximum of 3 warnings before being ejected from the league.

A football card is on sale every week at £1.00 per team. Winner receives £20.00. This funds the league prize money.

If you have holidays planned for this season, please let us know in advance the dates.  Please remember that the 28 day play-by rule would be activated on games cancelled during holiday dates.


Players handicaps will be adjusted at the half way point or when the League Organizer deems that the current handicap being used insufficient. This will be discussed with the players before being implemented. Handicaps will automatically change after every 4 played league matches.

Final Note:

If you are not playing a match then you should not be in the snooker room. Please don't disturb players while the match is in progress. If asked to leave the snooker room by any player, please do so quietly. If you have permission to watch a match in progress, do not disturb the players. Players who have completed their fixture and are standing at the bar area should also keep the noise level down to a minimum. This noise carries down to the snooker room causing annoyance to players currently playing their fixture.

Thank You.

Jim Colligan (League Organizer).