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Next Premier League Qualification Date:
02nd September 2024.

This new DSL Competition will allow the "Top 12" players from "The Rankings" on each particular fixture date, to qualify for a Premier League fixture. There will be a maximum of 11 fixtures that are available for qualification throughout the season. Players in the "Top 12" at midnight on the Sunday, will have a fixture published for playing by a play-by date. The more fixtures you can qualify for, the better chance of winning The Premier League. Your current DSL handicap will be used until the fixture is complete.

The idea of this extra DSL competition is to bring "The Rankings" into play more often instead of just at the end of the season. This could also spur players on during the season as well as reduce the amount of postponed DSL fixtures.

On some occasions, players may be tied on points/frames played. On these occasions, there could be as many as 7-8 fixtures available. Playing for 01pt. per frame over 4 frames. These fixtures will not affect your DSL handicap.

Having "back-games" in the DSL may reduce your chance of qualification. Only current DSL fixtures will be used in The Rankings System. Future played fixtures will still be added to The Rankings but will not be used in qualification.

This Premier League works in conjunction with the
DSL Ranking System.