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Player Handicaps.


Our Handicap Rep will need a time and day that suits both of you to arrange a Handicap Session.

We have a few DSL Players Helping With Handicaps as you'll possibly need a few sessions to gauge an accurate as possible Handicap that's near your ability. Having different Handicappers helps us do this.

This Also Applies To Players Who Have A Handicap
But Think It Could Be Wrong Or Need Updated.

Contact Kris to arrange your session.

Handicap Rep: K. Inglis

07786 256507

Call or Text.

Or Use The DSL WhatsApp Forum.

Handicaps are given to players in good faith and in the spirit that
they will be used by a player to mark improvements in their own
game and allow them to compete on an equal basis with better
competitors – not to gain an unfair advantage.