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Monday League Rules.

Section 1: General Rules.

£20.00 Entry Fee is to be charged for season 2022/23.

Players are required to pay a £4.00 match fee for every league fixture and share the table hire cost with their opponent.

All match fee payments should be made before playing your fixture (where possible).
Payments can be made by Bank Transfer. Account Details On Request.

All fixtures play on a Monday.

By Postponing your fixture, you will be given 28 days to arrange an alternative fixture date.

The Home player is responsible for sending in the Result and High Break by completing the "Send Result" contact form on this website.

There will be a full list of fixtures displayed on the website to help you plan ahead.

Players will play a home and away fixture. Players with the home fixture have the choice of table. This is non-negotiable.

Matches will consist of 3-frames. 1-point per frame won.

Note For Players Playing In Both Leagues:
Your handicap will be recorded for both league fixture results with the "Lowest" recorded handicap used for both leagues.

There is a Highest Break Prize of £1.00 per break point.

All Postponed matches have a 28 day play-by date. Going over this date will result in a 3-0 lose. League match fees would still apply.

Players with "Back-Games" should arrange to play them "After" their current weekly fixture. Your opponent for that week should not be left waiting.

During match play, you are the referee. You should call out the break as it occurs, replacing colours as they are potted and when the break has completed, update the scoreboard. The scoreboard should be checked by each player after the latest score has been added to both players agreement. The ref’s decision is final.

Players who leave the league before it's completion will have their previous played fixtures marked as "Void". Points will be removed from players for these fixtures. Future fixtures will be marked "Free Week" with no points available.

There is no miss rule in this league.

If players finish the season level on points, wins + frame difference then positions will be decided on head-to-head results from games previously played during the league season. Albeit a play-off with the best of 3 frames will decide the outcome.

Section 2: Player Penalties.

Deliberate Foul:
Any player thought to have played a shot that is clearly/obviously not going to reach its intended/previously declared target or is deemed to have not made a valid effort to get out of a snooker legally, will forfeit the frame. If you cannot physically play a shot without it being a foul then it is a re-rack
(only if no snookers are required). So no situation exists to warrant a deliberate foul or anything that can be considered one.

Any player failing to attend their match by the time arranged by both players will forfeit a frame every 15 minutes up to the maximum 3 frames. Waiting players must remain in the club until the maximum 3 frames time has lapsed to receive the league points.

Players going over their 28 day Play-By date will have a 3-0 lose against them.

The maximum amount of Postponed Matches any player can be responsible for at any one time is limited to 2 Matches. This is for league matches only. Players going over this will give the opponent from their 1st Postponed match a 3-0 win.

New player’s handicaps will be adjusted accordingly within the first 8 league matches in cases where the handicap is deemed insufficient. No change can be made to handicaps after 8 league games have passed other than the normal handicap changes made after every 6 frames played (2 matches).

The maximum start any player can give or receive is 80.

Any query regarding points scored during a frame or points added to wrong score will be a void frame. This frame should be re-racked.

During your match, please respect the other players playing their matches around you by keeping the noise level down to a minimum. The League Organiser will turn the table light off on players who are making the excessive noise and they will have to play their fixture when all other fixtures have been completed.

Snooker can be a very frustrating game as we all know but shouting out aloud is not acceptable. When you have completed your fixture, leave the snooker room quietly.

A football card is on sale every week at £1.00 per team. Winner receives £20.00. This funds the league prize money. The card will be left behind the bar for players choosing to play out with the normal Monday fixture day.

If you have holidays planned for this season, please let us know in advance the dates. Please remember that the 28 day play-by rule would be activated on games cancelled during holiday dates.


Players are responsible for knowing and playing off their correct handicap. Playing off an incorrect handicap will "Void" the match and it will need to be replayed.

Handicaps will automatically change after every 2 played league matches (6 frames). This is based on your frame wins and losses.

Handicaps are 0.5 points per frame.

Handicaps are given to players in good faith and in the spirit that they will be used by a player to mark improvements in their own game and allow them to compete on an equal basis with better competitors – not to gain an unfair advantage.

Final Note:

If you are not playing a match then you should not be in the snooker room. Please don't disturb players while the match is in progress. If asked to leave the snooker room by any player, please do so quietly. If you have permission to watch a match in progress, do not disturb the players.

Players who have completed their fixture and are standing at the bar area should also keep the noise level down to a minimum. This noise carries down to the snooker room causing annoyance to players currently playing their fixture.

Thank You.