League Fixtures For
Monday 22 October 2018.

Players may use the 29th October to clear any back games. This is the League Cup Final week so please contact your opponent to confirm a time.
League 1.
J. McGrath v J. Colligan
B. Inglis v J. Stewart
T. McAteer v C. McKay
B. Connell v C. Cuthbert
J. Stevens v B. Kearns
I. Dobson v K. Inglis
G. Rae v D. Cumming
League 2.
B. Czyba v C. Samson
K. Simpson v C. Hutton
K. Berlouis v B. Bryson
M. Cosgrove v S. Campbell
D. Jowett v C. Ritchie
N. Elder v J. Colligan
B. Inglis v S. Reilly
M. Rae v Free Week

Results From

Monday 15th October 2018.

League 1.
J. Colligan 3 0 D. Cumming
K. Inglis 3 0 G. Rae
B. Kearns 2 1 J. Stewart
C. Cuthbert 2 1 J. Stevens
B. Connell 1 2 T. McAteer
C. McKay 0 3 J. McGrath
B. Inglis 3 0 Free Week
League 2.
J. Colligan 3 0 B. Inglis
C. Samson 0 3 S. Reilly
C. Ritchie P P B. Bryson
M. Rae P P M. Cosgrove
C. Hutton P P K. Berlouis
N. Elder 1 2 K. Simpson
S. Campbell P P B. Czyba
D. Jowett 3 0 Free Week