fair play
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The Annual Knockout Competition.
January 21st and 28th. £5.00 entry.
Best of 3 frames with loser paying table hire.
Final best of 5 frames.

League Fixtures For

Monday 04th February 2019.


J. McGrath v D. McGrath
T. McAteer v I. Dobson
B. Inglis v B. Czyba
J. Stevens v B. Connell
K. Simpson v B. Kearns
J. Stewart v K. Inglis
C. McKay v D. Cumming
C. Cuthbert v J. Colligan


S. Clark v C. Samson
N. Elder v M. Rae
B. Inglis v G. Rae
S. McDougall v R. MacGregor
M. McRitchie v D. Jowett
S. Reilly v S. Dodds
C. Ritchie v M. Cosgrove
P. Stewart v K. Berlouis

Fixtures Outwith Monday.
?? February 2019.
Referee Required.

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