January 13th 2020 at 7.30pm.

This meeting should be attended by all players intending on playing in this season's league & cup competitions. League entry fee's are also due on this night. Current league players should join the 2020 season by 6th January then decide after the outcome of this AGM if they want to cancel their entry.


·       Players need to complete their fixture by playing all arranged frames. Any player giving away a frame or frames without playing them will receive a 3pt league penalty. I need to keep the league and cup challenge fair. Giving frames away is not fair. Is the 3pts penalty fair or should it be abolished?

·       Players are NOT reading the rules before entering the league. There have been a few instances where it has had to be “told” to players the outcome of their actions.

 (1)  If you cancel your fixture after 4.30pm on match days you lose the fixture plus receive a 3 pts league penalty. Is 4.30pm too early a time to cancel your fixture ?

(2) You are only allowed to be responsible for 2 back games at any one time without losing your first back game and receiving a 3pts penalty. Is this fair ?

 It’s not the league organiser’s responsibility to remember any player of their commitment in this league. Players need to familiarize themselves with the league rules. These rules keep things running smoothly.

·       Players cancelling with their opponent should also let the league organiser know so the match can be postponed on the web site. A simple text would suffice. The league organiser's contact number will be on the web site along with other players mobile contact numbers. Players should be able to check the web site to find out if their match has been postponed by 5.00pm on match days.

·       The 28 Day Play-By date is the final date to play the fixture before being penalized, but players responsible for the back game should NOT treat this as a fixture date and should try to arrange an earlier fixture date before the play-by date arrives. If the play-by date arrives and your opponent postpones the fixture, I would then have to add an extra week to the play-by date, slowing down the league progress. I would like to make this 28 day play-by date the limit and not have extra weeks added for any reason. Is this fair?

·       Next seasons payment ARRAGEMENTS will change. The total amount you are due for the complete season will be on display for you to see on your OWN league fixtures page on the website. This means that you don't have to pay £3.00 per match every week. You can make whatever payment you want to your fees whenever you want. All players must have CLEARED their fee total by their LAST league fixture of the season. This is to stop the confusion when players owe money for matches previously played AND players not paying the match fee for UNATHORISED cancelled matches. The amount you are due will be amended whenever a payment has been made. I am also proposing to raise the League Entry Fee from £20 to £25. It was either raising the entry fee £5 or raising the match fee to £3.50 per fixture. Things are too tight when the end of season payouts arrive plus I want to raise a cup prize. (See Below)

·       Players are to be made aware about “Table Hire” for a Monday. These prices you pay are with a 25% discount. Matches played out with a Monday will NOT receive the 25% discount. The 3 hour table hire deal would remain the same any day of the week. This is currently £13. This is a "Tivoli" rule not Dundee Snooker League's.

·       The maximum start any player can give/receive is currently 60. I propose it be lowered to 50. I really do think that this is more than enough.

·       I am proposing to increase the prize money for “The Hebbie Cup” this season as both leagues are involved and it’s a harder cup to win. The Current £150 winners would rise to £300 with the runner-up rising from £100 to £200. Both the semi loser prizes will stay at £50 each.

·       I was proposing to add a “League 3” this season but on doing the sums for this to work we would need the full 16 players. Getting all new players to definitely show every week is something that I've left in the past and don't want to do again. To continue will less players would drain the funds for the league in general. A Proposal by S. Reilly is to have a League 2 with 16 players playing twice as does League 1. Any players over the 16 would be on stand-by. New players would be entered on their League Form completion date.

To have your views shared at the AGM, please text your comments so it can go on the agenda. Having this agenda speeds things up so we're not at it all night.

Thank You.
Jim Colligan (League Organizer).